Home Monitoring Services for Your Florida Rental Properties

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management offers a special program for absentee homeowners or homeowners who are looking for peace of mind while away from their homes.

Our inspection services provide a home-watch professional who routinely inspects the home according to the specific requirements and who will alert the owner to any potential problems.

  • If problems do arise or maintenance work needs to be done, we offer a list of pre-screened Preferred Service Providers to choose from.
  • Working with the chosen service provider, we will manage the service or maintenance that needs to be performed during the absence, whether due to plumbing, heating, electrical, storm damage or routine maintenance.

Services Offered

  • At a minimum, the following services are performed at each scheduled interval.


  • Check all Doors and Windows to Ensure They are Locked and Undamaged.
  • Set and Check Alarm System (If applicable).
  • Check House for Signs of Forced Entry, Theft, or Storm Damage.
  • Check Mailbox, Remove Newspaper, Packages, and Other signs of Non-Occupancy.
  • Ensure Outside Lights Are On, and/or that Timers Are Set Correctly.


  • Check Circuit Breaker for Signs of Surge.
  • Check Faucets and Toilets for Signs of Leaks.
  • Check that all Appliances Are Operating Normally and Set to Correct Settings.
  • Check to Ensure A/C Is Operating Properly.
  • Inspect for Obvious Signs of Mold, Mildew, or Water Damage.
  • Check for Signs of Pests and Insects.
  • Reset Clocks and Check Dial Tones on Phones, if Needed.


  • Inspect Roof, Gutters, Downspouts, Decks, and Patios for Excess Debris.
  • Inspect for Signs of Water Leaks, Erosion, and Drainage Issues.
  • Inspect Yard, Landscaping, and Sprinkler System (if Available) for Evidence of Regular Maintenance.
  • Inspect Pool and/or Spa to Ensure They Are Being Regularly Maintained.
  • Check for Obvious Signs of Exterior Wear and Tear (Wildlife Damage, Storm Damage, Missing Shingles, Wood Rot, etc.).

Each month,an inspection report will be sent detailing the work completed along with digital photos. If concerns are noted, there will be immediate communication to determine what action should be taken.

Additional Services

Storm Checkup:

For those customers with monthly service, we will perform one free additional immediate checkup on the property after any major thunderstorm, tropical storm, or hurricane as soon as it is safe to travel.

Pre-Arrival Hospitality Service Package

When it is time for the owner to return to the home, it can be prepared exactly to the owner’s specifications.

  • Turn on all Breakers and Check that all Appliances Are Operating Normally.
  • Set A/C to the Preferred Temperature.
  • Remove Debris from Driveway and Patio.
  • Arrange for Cleaning Services if Necessary. *
  • Stock Fridge and Pantry with requested items. *

Post-Departure Service Package

As with arrival, departure should be worry-free as well. We will ensure that the house is properly prepared and secured until returning back to the property.

  • Turn off all Appliances and Electrical Systems (Or Set Temperature to Desired Settings).
  • Check That all Windows and Doors Are Secured and Locked.
  • Empty Refrigerator and Freezer and Adjust Cooling Settings.
  • Arrange for Cleaning Services if Needed. *
  • Arrange for Garbage Removal if Needed. *
  • Place Outdoor Furniture in Specified Location on or Inside Property.
  • Adjust Blinds/Shade and all Timers as Requested.

Additional services can be provided upon request. A free quote can be given for any additional services required.

*Plus cost of supplies, labor, and goods.


Home Monitoring:

  • Single Visit: $100.00.
  • Monthly Inspection: $50/Inspection (Minimum 3 Month Term).
  • Bi-Weekly Inspection: $35/Inspection (Minimum 3 Month Term).

Pre-Arrival Service Package

  • $150.00.
  • Additional Services upon Request at A la Carte Pricing.
  • Price does not Include Costs for the Following: Cleaning Services, Groceries, Additional Goods Requested, etc.

Post-Departure Service Package

  • $150.00.
  • Additional Services upon request at A la Carte Pricing.
  • Price does not Include Costs for the Following: Cleaning Services, Garbage Removal, Repairs, etc.