What Does a Property Manager Do Anyway? Part 2 of 3

In our last article, we reviewed the initial leasing process and what, generally, most property managers go through during the set up, showings, and leasing of a typical home. In this article, we will continue from where we left off and begin covering the day-to-day activities that property managers perform to assist you in easing the burden of owning a rental property.

A tenant moves in, now what?

Rent Collection: Often the most commonly associated task of property managers, rent collection is generally the most frequent action performed by a manager. Each month on the first (or whatever date rent is due as specified by the lease agreement), the manager begins the collection process of rent. In today’s industry, most managers are able to accept credit cards, bank drafts, checks, and other forms of payment from the tenant. When a tenant pays on time, the account ledger is updated and the tenant is given a receipt of the transaction. This is generally all very simple. The trouble occurs when complications arise. When talking about rent collection as a responsibility of the manager to collect, these complications are typically why you want a manager for your property. Once the tenant has exceeded the grace period of the rental due date in the lease agreement, the manager will begin the eviction process against the tenant. If a payment is retuned for insufficient funds, the same process is started. This includes delivery and service of a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit, which must be hand delivered to a tenant or placed on the door of the residence. Once served, the tenant must pay the balance owed, plus any applicable late fees by the end of the 3-day period specified in the document. Communication is generally opened with the tenant to work out payment details, and owners are generally notified of the circumstances. If nothing can be worked out or communication is not possible, the eviction process will begin in earnest.

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New Site Design

We are happy to announce that our website relaunch has been completed. A big thank you for the WebPageFX team for their work and patience with us.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our services, improve our ability to communicate effectively with both our tenants and homeowners, and continue to provide a professional service second to none. We hope this new site will help provide a better platform for sharing information.

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