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Navarre Property Management Company

Let Us Manage Your Navarre Rental Property

Are you an owner looking for a helping hand with your Navarre rental property?

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management is here to offer you all the assistance you and your property would ever need.

Since 2008, we have helped provide service to our clients to help with everything from marketing their property to overseeing its upkeep and managing its financial health.

We pride ourselves in being authentic partners in the passive income ventures of each owner we work with. Through the years, we have devised service methods in promotion, screening candidates, and maintenance. We’ve also developed methods for rental analysis and financial records that have made us the best in the business.

navarre property management

We have service routines to support the performance of your rental home. This includes handling each tenant, rent payments, and property maintenance.

Our clients enjoy only premium services for their Navarre rental property. Contact us today by giving us a call at 850-994-1542 or by sending us an email at

Our property management services 

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management remains steadfast in offering its topnotch services. The services we provide include intensive advertising, prompt rent collection, consistent property upkeep, and strict applicant screening.

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Our main ambition is our tactical and complete promoting agenda.

We make extensive use of traditional methods as well as modern marketing tools such as property photos, video tours, advertising to some 50 sites and erecting attractive yard signs.

This guarantees that a diverse audience will notice the property through a variety of channels. This will help us find a tenant quickly.

Tenant Screening Process

Our team makes use of obtaining vital information for each tenant. This includes checking the credit report, proof of income, eviction, bankruptcy, and rental history of each prospective tenant.

We utilize innumerable resources to secure quality tenants who will cherish the dwelling and honor leasing agreements of your rental home.

Rent Collection

We collect rent payments in a variety of means making it convenient for tenants to pay on time. Helping tenants pay their rent on time means maximizing your return on investment.

Our objective is to generate a consistent flow of gains for the landlord by ensuring you get paid rent each month. In case a tenant violates leasing terms, legally assisted evictions ensue. We take care to protect our clients from costly lawsuits and strive to follow all legal procedures.

navarre property management

Property Repairs and Maintenance

We will conduct preventative maintenance and perform inspections before and after occupancy. These inspections help us to ensure your property is in good condition at all times. Regular inspections also help to ensure tenants in your home are complying with all conditions of the lease agreement.

Our clients will be assured that emergencies will be swiftly handled by our round-the-clock maintenance services. We also provide affordable rates in support of property upkeep with our vendor partnerships nurtured over time.

Detailed Financial Reporting

We take care of monitoring all accounting and tax expenditures. We deliver monthly and year-end financial statements to our clients.

All monies we handle are placed in an FDIC insured trust account and the tenants’ security deposits in a separate escrow.

As for rental proceeds, a monthly electronic direct deposit is made for the client’s convenience.

Tenant Management

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management enforce lease terms and negotiates renewals at lease expiration.

We handle the security deposit claim forms and make sure that policies covered in the contract are adhered to by the leaseholders of your rental home.

Legal Compliance

We have attorney-assisted evictions and attorney-prepared leasing agreements. We regard the existing local, state, and federal laws to protect our clients’ business.


More Time and Freedom

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management knows the time-consuming nature of the trade and we lift that burden off our clients with assorted services designed for an abridged process. This way, our clients can focus more on enjoying their leisure time.

About Navarre

Navarre is a community in the area of Santa Rosa County and is considered a topnotch place to live, with its natural environment. There are plenty of parks and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, such as Navarre Beach, that will inspire you to take part in outdoor recreational activities.

Some of the top attractions in the Navarre area are the Navarre Beach, Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary, Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center, and Navarre Seafood Market.

Navarre is an ideal place to live for its rural atmosphere. It has a tall employment ratio and a low crime rate. The community is laidback with subdued property values. Many residents own their homes. Public schools are considered above average. Further, plenty of families and young professionals live here.

The best thing about choosing to live in or invest in Navarre is its ideal subtropical climate. It offers comfort to its residents with a clean environment and a relaxed pace. The nearby Navarre Beach is popular with residents and tourists.

In summary, Navarre is appealing to settle in for its high quality of life, beach access, and local cuisine loved by tourists and locals alike. If you love the beach, you’ll love Navarre! If you wish to be part of a heartfelt and easy-going community then Navarre, Florida is a perfect fit.

Areas We Serve

Our provide services to the areas of Escambia County, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pensacola, and many other locations.

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