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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ From Owners in Pensacola

Q: How do you advertise your rentals?

A: Our marketing strategies are comprehensive and recognized. Not only do we use signage but we also advertise on our website that gets your property to as many eyes as possible. We are associated with a huge network of rental websites and will post ads there as well. Some of these sites include Oodle,, FrontDoor, Zillow, and Trulia.

Q: How do you determine the rate?

A:  With our tried and tested systems and tools. We also conduct a comprehensive market analysis. By gathering all this data, we can recommend a competitive rate for the rental.

Q: How much do property management services cost?

A: We offer a range of options. These include showings, advertising, applicant screening, lease agreement and enforcement, rent collection, upkeep and repair coordination, tenant disputes, escrow implementation, and payouts.

Our fee is 10% of the monthly rent and a one-time payment for the tenant leasing of 50% per leaseholder when they move in.

Q: How long will it take to start managing my property?

A: As soon as possible! It only takes 24-hours upon receiving the documentation to start managing and advertising your property.

Q: How can I see my monthly accounting?

A: You will receive a monthly statement showing all your expenses and income for the property. You can also access this and other files at any time on our website.

Q: If my rental is vacant, are there any charges for property management?

A: The payment is only based on the rent received, thus, if your property is vacant, there are no fees.

Q: How long does it take to obtain renters?

A: Various elements can affect the time of vacancies such as price, amenities, location, and the condition of the rental. We know that a vacancy is costly and you deserve the most suitable occupants at the earliest opportunity. We do this through various marketing platforms. Our average vacancy time is a modest 10-20 days.

Q: What does your screening process comprise?

A: Before consenting anyone to lease your rental, we screen all applicants. Amongst things we verify is their credit, criminal background (local and national), income/employment, rental history and use this as a basis for qualification.

Q: Can I choose which tenants to prohibit?

A: We adhere to the Fair Housing Act and there are protected classes. This means you cannot forbid tenants who do not fit your idea of the impeccable tenant. You can, however, choose to not allow pets or smoking, but cannot deny an applicant with a service animal.

Q: Can I retain my current insurance?

A: Before we begin to manage your property, we require proof of insurance. Verify with your insurer regarding the coverage as it usually does not include the tenant’s possessions. We also oblige leaseholders to have renter’s insurance to mitigate any emergency.

Q: What are the tenant’s payment options?

A: We provide our clients with comfortable payment options. They can pay at our office; we accept personal checks or cash.  Another option is an automatic funds transfer with their bank. They can also pay online using the tenant portal.

Q: What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent on time?

A: The lease agreement the tenant signs has provisions for delays or failures to pay rent. They will be charged a late fee, also face the possibility of evictions if failure to pay occurs.

Q: Who does the tenant call for maintenance or repairs?

A:  The occupants can call us directly for any property issues. They can also submit requests through the tenant portal. We will keep you informed of any major concerns that transpire on the property or with the contract itself.

We also provide an emergency hotline. Our property managers promptly follow up on all reported issues to ensure the tenant remains content.

Q: What repairs am I responsible for?

A: Simply put, almost all plumbing, electrical, structural, appliance, and roofing concerns are the owner’s obligation. Repairs due to tenant neglect or damage are the occupant’s responsibility.

If you have a warranty, we will utilize the warranty to make repairs. The cost will be deducted from the monthly disbursement. All major repairs need your approval before initiating the service.

Q: How often do you conduct property inspections?

A: We perform several inspections for each lease. These are the move-in inspection, several mid-lease examinations, and move-out inspection. These are documented with photos and a written statement submitted for damages or necessary maintenance should they occur. We notify the leaseholders about any modifications that are needed.

Q: How will you clear the tenant upon moving out?

A: Upon your occupant’s move out, we thoroughly inspect the condition of the rental. Once confirmed that the property was returned to the state it was rented in, we clear them and return the security deposit.

Q: Will you help if I decide to put my property on the market?

A: Of course! Our experienced sales department can assist you to sell the property.