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Let Us Manage Your Pensacola Rental Property

Are you looking for a quality property management company in Pensacola, FL? If you are, look no further. RE/MAX Infinity Property Management has you covered. We are a full-service property management company that can take your rental investment to the next level.

You can reach us at (850)994-1542 for more information.

Property management demands both your time and attention as a landlord. You run into a number of issues on a daily basis. These include high turnover rates, various maintenance requests, tenants who violate rules, and missing or late rent payments. All of these can make it difficult for you to maximize your revenue.

That is why a rising number of property owners resort to professional managers for help. At RE/MAX Infinity PM, we offer clients a range of services guaranteed to provide them peace of mind.

Why Choose Us Over Other Property Management Companies in Pensacola

We are good at what we do, and that’s why many landlords choose us over our competition.

First and foremost, property management is all we do. This means we’ve been able to come up with strategies to produce amazing results in a short time.

Secondly, we provide you with full service. Once you hire us, we’ll handle everything from property marketing and tenant placement to repairs and maintenance.

Finally, we have impeccable candidate screening. This means we only rent to a suitable caliber of applicants. That is, those who pay rent on time, care for your property, notify you of maintenance issues, and are likely to renew their lease.

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Our Property Management Services

1.   On-Time Maintenance & Repairs

There are three reasons for maintaining your rental property. One, it helps uphold the property’s value. Two, it’s a requirement under the Florida landlord-tenant law as you are obliged to provide a safe and habitable property. And three, it helps establish a good relationship between you and your tenant.

When you hire us, you won’t have to worry about doing this maintenance as we will regularly monitor your property so that it stays in good shape at all times.

Thanks to the number of years we’ve been in the business, we’ve established long-standing relationships with contractors and vendors. These are experts we have handpicked for their reliability and superior workmanship.

having reliable contractors for your rental property

2.   Professional Rent Collection

We take all rent-related matters seriously. After all, it is crucial to any rental investment. Besides providing convenient rent payment gateways, we also:

  • Ensure the lease is clear and understood when it comes to important rent-related terms
  • Determine and monitor the grace period
  • Deal with payment issues as quickly as we can

At RE/MAX Infinity PM, we can collect rent via personal checks, cash, direct deposit, or through the tenant’s online portal.  

Should a rent problem arise, rest assured we have the capacity to handle the issue in accordance with Florida landlord-tenant laws.

3.   Thorough Tenant Screening

Applicant screening is vital to property management. The best tenants are those who cause the least amount of issues, care for your property, and most importantly, pay rent on time.

Our comprehensive screening will check the following:

  • Proof of Income: We require proof of income to determine if a potential tenant can afford rent. The last thing any Pensacola landlord wants is renting to an occupant who can’t afford the payment.
  • Credit Report: We check every candidate’s credit history with at least one credit reporting agency. This helps us determine whether a prospective tenant is financially responsible.
  • Debt History: We check this to ensure the potential tenant has a clean criminal record.
  • Eviction History: This helps to avoid costs down the road with regards to delinquent rent collection, vacancy, damages, and lost revenue.
  • Proof of Income: This helps us choose tenants who are able to afford the rent.

It’s only after a candidate has passed all these checks that they can continue with the leasing process.

4.   Effective Property Marketing

A vacancy is bad for business. It generates costs but provides no income. At RE/MAX Infinity PM, we consider filing vacancies to be our top priority.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to advertising your vacant Pensacola rental. From placing “For Rent” signs in strategic places to listing it on top rental listing sites to running special promotions, we aim to get a good tenant in the shortest time possible.

5.   Detailed Financial Reporting

We will keep you in the loop regarding the performance of your rental. This includes regular updates on marketing, rates, finances, and property maintenance.

providing you with financial reports on your rental property performance

Some of our financial reports include a copy of monthly bank statements with reconciliations, balance sheets, monthly income and expense statements, and accounts payable reports.

About Pensacola, FL

Located approximately 13 miles from the border with Alabama, Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle. The city has an estimated population of 52,009.

1.9% of the population is Asian, 6.0% is Mixed Race, 5.3% is Hispanic or Latino, 28.9% is Black, and 62.1% is White Alone.

The city of Pensacola is home to a rich cultural history, a bustling metropolitan community, and beautiful beaches. Here are some interesting things you can do while here.

  • Visit the state’s highest and most extensive zip line facility
  • Dine, shop, and listen to live music at The Wharf in Orange Beach
  • Watch a spectacular race at the 5 Flags Speedway
  • Enjoy a tour of the Historic Pensacola Museum of Commerce
  • Visit the expansive collection of contemporary art at the Pensacola Museum of Art
  • Enjoy a variety of recreation and entertainment options at the Pensacola Beach

Areas We Serve

The areas we serve are Escambia County, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Navarre, and many more.