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Marketing Your Rental

Why RE/MAX Infinity Property Management Does It Differently

Now, more than ever, tenants are turning to online channels to find their next home. Many people, especially for rentals in Pace, Milton, or Pensacola, never get a chance to step foot inside a home before they apply and sign a lease agreement due to out of state job or military transfers. Even locals can have a hard time finding time to visit every house they are interested in, as it is increasingly difficult to schedule appointments with so much demand for housing.

Our marketing plan does more than just post a few pictures online and hope we get lucky with a good tenant. We provide the following:

  • Numerous High-Quality Photos of Every Home We Manage
  • Walk-Through Video of the Home For Tenants to Get a Feel of the Floorplan
  • Extensive Placement in Trusted Rental Websites and Search Databases
  • Thorough Price Analysis of Your Home to Ensure You are Marketing to the Right Tenants and Earning the Most Possible
  • (Optional) 3-D Virtual Tours Made Available for Tenants to View Your Home 24 Hours a Day from Anywhere

RE/MAX Infinity Property Management makes it our goal to ensure that all of our homes are marketed to the best of our ability, to the largest number of tenants possible. We believe that numerous quality photos should be the standard for advertising, and not the exception. It still amazes us when we look at other companies photos of homes, and we see dark rooms, crooked photos, or simply one or two photos of the front of the house. Quality photographs shouldn’t just be for sales listings anymore. Prospective tenants are visual, and we only have a few precious moments to capture their interest and hold it. If the photos turn off a prospective tenant from viewing, or possibly renting your home, it could mean a longer vacancy, or less qualified tenants choosing to rent the house. This means a great chance for lost income or an increase in damages.

In addition to photos, we also take videos of homes so that we can show tenants the floorplan and give them a better view of the overall layout of the home. Again, since many tenants are coming from out of town, or may need to act quickly to secure a home, these videos allow prospective tenants the ability to make an informed decision with more than just a few photos and brief description of the property. These videos are included in our advertisements and are completed at no additional charge to our clients.




Exposure is the key to getting quality tenants to not only view your home, but to get them in the door. We utilize and post our available homes to some of the largest and most trusted rental sites available. This includes sites like ZIllow, Trulia,,,, and (along with many others!). There are a lot of Professional Property Managers that rely on sites like Craigslist for the bulk of their prospects, and with the increase in scams and shady practices, there is no way to guarantee who you are dealing with, or that your home won’t be ripped off and scammed by someone else. We believe in using the best sites possible, that allow us to ask pre-screening questions, and gather important information before we ever even schedule an appointment.




One of the most important factors in getting your home rented quickly and to the best qualified tenants is to make sure the house is priced appropriately for he time of year and current market conditions. We look at the market every time a house comes back on the market to ensure it is priced correctly based on a number of factors. Time of year, supply and demand of available rentals, and even trends in job and military transfers are analyzed to ensure that the most appropriate price is presented to the available rental prospects. Our goal again is to price the house at the highest point possible that will also result in the lowest vacancy. Pricing the house too high and you can experience a vacancy and lost rent, price it too low and you will rent it quickly, but lose money over the long run on missed earnings.




We are also proud to say that we are one of the only Property Management Companies in the area that offers 3-D tours of your home that can be used to market to tenants. Through partnerships with our sales office vendors, we are able to offer 3-D marketing tours of your home to enhance your marketing presence online. These tours allow potential tenants to view your home virtually from any smart phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. Pictures are great at showing off the house but fail to give an accurate depiction of the space and flow of the home. These tours allow tenants to walk-through the entire home and see each room as if they were walking through it in person. They can also use virtual reality headsets to fully immerse themselves in the home and details. If you would like to add this tour to your marketing package, we are able to secure a very low rate of $150.00 (approximately a $500 value) for the scanning and hosting of your property. This is a one time fee, and the tour will be stored on our server for years.

Before you decide to rent your home out, give us a call to see how we can help manage your rental property and ensure your home gets the best possible exposure, the highest quality marketing materials, and an expert team behind you all the way.

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