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When you visit Melbourne Property Valuers Metro here, you will understand that many landlords and property managers find themselves in a position of needing to remodel a kitchen to rent or sell a property. The kitchen, being the heart of the home, can often make or break a deal. If updates are necessary, we recommend avoiding these common mistakes to ensure a highly rentable/sellable property:

1. Avoid Specifics.

When a homeowner chooses a specific, very detailed style, it can sometimes be a mistake. It is best to keep the space more neutral to appeal to the masses. Cater less to personal preferences and stay focused on something more timeless and inviting. It is best to avoid trends that may go out of style and not appeal to everyone.

2. Keep it Simple.

A clean, fresh, simplistic look can go a long way. When homeowners start incorporating a lot of extra details, cabinetry, or accessories, it can get busy. Sometimes homeowners think more is better when looking to renovate to sell, but we’ve found that it is best to keep the options simple. The best way to find out more about properties is to visit I Buy Pueblo Houses`s official website and ask the experts.

Most new homeowners or renters like to make the property their own. When the kitchen is more basic, it allows them to add décor or characteristics that make it their own. That includes paint color. Keeping the walls neutral will make the room feel more open and inviting.

3. Don’t forget the lighting!

Speaking of an open and inviting space, when a kitchen is not well-lit, it can appear dark and gloomy. Most people appreciate a bright room for a better working and living environment.

lighting is an important aspect of a kitchen

Property owners or landlords selling or renting a place may think adding lighting is just an extra investment. The lighting can be inexpensive, but it should still be present. It will add a lot of warmth and make the space feel welcoming.

4. Skip putting too much splash in “Backsplash”

Just like it is essential to keep walls, cabinetry, and lighting simple and neutral, the same goes to the backsplash. Many landlords and property managers stick with a basic subway tile in either white, off-white, or a neutral color.

It is functional and easy to clean, while also adding a little character. For personal kitchens, the backsplash is an accent that can make a kitchen personable and full of character. For rentals and homes that are looking to sell, simple is best!

5. Accessorize!

Extra storage options, drawer pulls, and door handles can go a long way. These accessories finish the overall look and give a space more dimension without being too detailed. Storage solutions can create more functionality for a renter or potential buyer.

Roll-out shelves in a pantry or cabinet, hidden pull-out trash bins, and spice racks are just a few of the things that can add extra functionality. It also creates a clean, open space. When things like the trash can or paper towel holder are unseen, the potential renter or homeowner walk into a room that looks organized and larger. Keeping extra things off of the counter can make the countertop space also appear more spacious.

6. Make a statement with appliances

When a kitchen is either refaced or completely remodeled, but the appliances aren’t updated, it can downgrade a completed work. Outdated appliances can be eyesores. Check out expert washing machine repair at The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, here!

include exciting kitchen appliances

With so many low-cost options for appliances, it is a no-brainer to update appliances with the rest of the kitchen so that they match and are fully functional. Landlords who are renting a space should consider durability as well when selecting appliances.

7. Reface if you can!

Cabinet refacing allows for a complete facelift, without breaking the bank. If cabinets are in good condition structurally, cabinet refacing is the process of removing the doors and applying a material to the boxes and replacing the doors.

It can give a kitchen a completely new look and style. Thermafoil refacing material is a lower-cost option, which provides for a better return on investment when remodeling for a rental or a potential home sale. Especially if there are fully functional countertops or a backsplash already in place, kitchen cabinet refacing can create major appeal without stretching the budget or timeline to complete a project. Take, for example, refacing a kitchen to prepare for a home sale.

Kitchen Solvers specializes in cabinet refacing and new kitchen design and installation. For landlords and property managers who are looking to update a kitchen that would welcome a new renter or homeowner, contact Kitchen Solvers today for a quote.